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1 ·BaiSheng Successfully Registered the www. BaiSheng.TM trademark and domain name 11485Tue,Oct,22,2013
2 ·BaiSheng Successfully Registered the www.Bsxp.TM trademark and domain name 13263Tue,Oct,22,2013
3 ·BaiSheng Successfully Registered India Country Domain Name 11835Tue,Oct,22,2013
4 ·BaiSheng Successfully Registered www. India Country Domain Name 12861Tue,Oct,22,2013
5 ·Baisheng website through a trusted site certification 9005Tue,Apr,17,2013
6 ·Baisheng products through the filing of Customs Protection of intellectual property rights system audit 8272Fri,Nov,17,2012
7 ·Baisheng brand is registered successfully 4182Sat,Oct,9,2010
8 ·Baisheng won the Chinese credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit 4224Wed,Jan,1,2008
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